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Let Tab Entertainment Promotions take off the stress associated with trying to decently and gently get inside the venue even though with your purchased ticket or tickets. Introduce you to door entrance, get your table booking, plan and manage your next events or private party bash as quickly as you may want it.

Tab Entertainment Promotions is decently connected, therefore can easily take care of all your VIP Entertainment needs even with 1 hour notice to your starting time. So, stop going through that stress; contact Tab Entertainment Promotions by clicking here for full detail.

Tab Entertainment Promotions is the ultimate in VIP Promotion Services for Bars, Restaurants,  Clubs, Theatres and Events Planning and Management services

Our main activities are but not limited to:

  • VIP  Entry Booking  

  • VIP  Table Booking

  •  Events Booking

  •  Limousine Booking


Our prices varies and it depends on the item a customer want to pay for and the venue.

Prices starts from £215.00 per customer for VIP Entry Booking to some thousands of pounds (GBP) for Celebrity and Company Events Planning and  Management Booking.

Please note that service charges maybe apply when paying with credit/debit cards and the service charges depends on type of card that will be used.

VIP Entry Booking 

Book with Tab Entertainment Promotions for guaranteed VIP entry to top VIP bars, clubs and theatres in popular cities  across England especially in London no matter how long the queue. Don’t  get cut up in long queues and  freezing weather trying to be entertained. Make a booking with Tab Entertainment Promotions today for a guaranteed entry to top VIP venues  across popular cities in England.

Prices from:

215.00 GBP

VIP Table Booking

Make VIP table booking with Tab Entertainment Promotions for VIP bars, restaurants and  clubs in popular cities across England especially in London  Don’t  get cut up in long queues and freezing weather trying to be entertained, book with Tab Entertainment Promotions for your choice of  launch or diner at VIP bars and restaurants across popular cities in England.

Prices from:

425.00 GBP

 Events Booking

Lets Tab Entertainment Promotions take your stress off you by planning and managing your next Celebrity or Company events party bash, especially when your location is within or not far from London.
Click here for more enquiry. 

Prices from:

2079.00 GBP

We accept:


Why use other promotion business?  

Use Tab Entertainment Promotions, the ultimate in entertainment promotions business.

Tab Entertainment  Promotions

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