Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited(Website Address: www.tabpromotions.com) is the ultimate in VIPs Promotions for Clubs, Events, Theatres and Private Parties.
Our main activities are but not limited to:
VIP Front Door Entrance Introduction Booking
VIP Interior Dance Arena Table Booking
VIP or Celebrities Private Parties Planning and Management

Having stated the above; all contents on pages of this website or any material publications that has Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited or www.tabpromotions.com written on it are general information for users of the website or publication(s) and such contents are subject to change without notice.
And as such Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited want all users or customers both old and new to read and observe this Terms and Conditions as follows:


  1. That neither Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited nor www.tabpromotions.com and/nor any of its third party associates provides guarantees or warranty to the accuracy in full or partial with regards to completeness, performances, timeliness or suitability of data/information and/or materials observed or being offered by Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited (Website: www.tabpromotions.com) whilst accessing the pages of its website no matter for any purpose or material publications that has Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited or www.tabpromotions.com written on it.

  2. And that you the user or customer is in acknowledgement to the facts of errors or inaccuracies contained hereof for which Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited and any of its third party associates vehemently excludes themselves from such factual errors or inaccuracies to fullest extent as permitted by law.

   3. The use of this website’s contents in anyway is entirely at the user’s own risk for which ‘we’
(Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited (Website: www.tabpromotions.com) and its third party associates) shall not be liable. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to make sure that any  data/information, products and/or services within this website tallies with ‘his’ or ‘her (the user ) needs or requirements.
Furthermore, the contents of this website (www.tabpromotions.com) are owned or purchased by owner of Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited. These contents include materials such as websites’ layouts, designs, images/graphics and general appearance. Therefore, its reproduction in part or whole without owner’s permission or as permitted by copyright policies is strictly prohibited.
Finally, if you want to obtain permission for any of the website’s material; go to Contact Us page of this website for information on how to contact Tab Entertainment Promotions Limited.

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